MasterSpec 1180pcs Professional Tool Set Aluminum Case Tool Kits w/ Rolling Tool Box


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MasterSpec 1180pcs Professional Tool Set Aluminum Case Tool Kits w/ Rolling Tool Box


You probably never thought you could have so many tools at once. Masterspec 1180pcs professional tool set is specially made for professionals and you. This tool set is of high quality and complete tools.Hammers,screwdrivers, pliers,spanners,etc.there is an excellent selection of tools included in this 1180-pieces set. Whether you want to work indoors or outside the house, it's all here and ready for you. All the hand tools are neatly packed so they'll stay safe in this convenient and durable aluminium carry case.


  • 1180 Pieces Tool set: This professional tool set nearly includes everything you need to make repairs easy.
  • Strong & Durable: This professional tool set is built to last. Premium material and workmanship make strong and durable tools.
  • Roller and Pull Rod:This professional tool box is equipped with pull rods and rollers. Whether you want to work indoors or outdoors, it is very convenient to carry.
  • Protect Your Hands: This professional tool set contains a pair of gloves to protect your hands during use.


  • Model:MS044
  • Brand: MasterSpec
  • Colour: Black
  • Item quantity: 1180 PCs
  • Weight:12.5kg
  • Case dimension: 38.5cm x 21cm x 52cm

Package Content

  • Tray1:
  • 1xDiagonal plier 150mm
  • 1xAdjustable wrench 150mm
  • 1xPump plier 230mm
  • 1xLong nose plier 150mm
  • 1xSlip joint plier 150mm
  • 9xCombination wrench 6x17mm
  • Tray2:
  • 15x1/4Dr 4x14mm
  • 14x1/2Dr 8x30mm
  • 2x1/2Dr Plug socket 16&21mm
  • 2x1/2&1/4 Universal joint
  • 2x1/2&1/4 Sliding T bar
  • 1x1/2 Extension bar
  • 2x1/4 Extension bar
  • 1xFlexible extension
  • 1x1/4Dr spinner handle 150mm
  • 2x1/2&1/4 Ratchet handle
  • Tray3:
  • 2xNylon clamp 90mm
  • 243xFasteners
  • 1xClaw hammer
  • 1xScissors
  • 1xCrimping plier
  • 1xMeasure Tape
  • 1xHack saw
  • 1xKnife
  • 1xElec tape
  • 1xLevel
  • 500xZip ties
  • 4xGloves
  • 280xshrinkable tubes
  • Tray4:
  • 6xPrecision s/d 1.4,1.8,2.4,3.0mm,#0,#1
  • 16xHex key 1.5x6mm
  • 48xBits: 3,4,5,6,7,PH0,1,2,3,4. PZ1,2,   
  • H3,4,5,6 , T10,15,20,25,27,30,35,40 T25.27.30.35.H3.4.5.6
  • PZ PH1.2.3. 4. H3.4.5
  • 1xBit handle
  • 1xBit holder
  • 14xScrewdriver
  • (-)3x75mm,4x100mm,5x75mm,6x38mm,
  • 6x100mm(+)3x75mm,4x100mm,5x75mm,
  • 6x38mm,6x100mm,8x150mm
  • Insulated (+)4x100mm,(-)4x100mm,5.5x125mm
  • 1xTire press pen
  • 1xVoltage testing
  • 1xAluminium case

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