truepal Artificial Grass Dog Pee Pad Potty - Artificial Grass Patch for Dogs - Pet Litter Box


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TPPP635004 TP004TP005

truepal Artificial Grass Dog Pee Pad Potty - Artificial Grass Patch for Dogs - Pet Litter Box


Either you're living in a lavish apartment, bungalow or a mansion this can make you happy but not your pet as they are animals, and they love the natural beauty more than we do. So, we have a solution for you and your dog. We created a 3- Tier Artificial Glass Yarn Structure which will make your dog so happy. We have built it from the best quality present in the market by keeping your pet comfort in mind. It is Fire retardant which gives it a one more bonus point and along with the grass is permeable too so that if your dog pee on it doesn't worry we have attached a pee pad in the bottom as well. The pad will collect all the dirty water, and then you can wash it off with water very easily. In between, there is a grid tray as well that will guide the pee and water to the collection bin.


  • 3 Layer Structure:-On top we have artificial grass at the mid we have grid tray and in the bottom we have collection bin for all the waste material.
  • Easy to Use:-Just place it directly on the floor and that's it, then whenever it becomes dirty just wash it off with the clean water.
  • Durable And Long Lasting, UV Resistant -Can Sustain Heat And Heavy Usage. Environment Friendly. Made with Polyethylene and Polypropylene Blend, with Straight and Curly Monofilament Yarn.
  • Easy to Clean:-Did you dog messed on it pee on it no problem we got your back below this there are 2 different layers, one for channelising the waste material to go into the collection bin and other is the collection bin itself. All the urine present on it will be drained down in less down 5 seconds.
  • No watering or mowing:-quick and easy to lay no maintenance, non-allergic, remain green all year around.


  • Model:TP004/TP004TP005
  • Artificial Grass Size :- 640 x 510 x 80 mm
  • Collection Bin Size :- 310 x 270 mm

Package Content

  • 1/2x Artificial Grass Pads(Optional)
  • 1x Grid Tray
  • 1x Collection Bin
with 1-year standard warranty
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